These gruesome, cut-out squiggle brows are here just in time for Halloween

Squiggle brows, barbed-wire brows, braided brows … it seems Instagram will never tire of needlessly complicated eyebrow trends, while I am constantly forced to shake my fists at the heavens and plead “WHY?”

Fortunately, one horror-inclined makeup artist is finding a way to put these laughable eyebrow trends to good (and frightening) use.

19-year-old Canadian makeup artist Isobelle recently decided to put her own horrific twist on the squiggle brow trend. Instead of molding her eyebrows into a squiggle shape, Isobelle decided to use her special effects prowess to give herself some bloody, cut-out brows.

Let’s see Instagram makeup artists attempt to turn THIS into the next brow trend.

Isobelle used scar wax, red and black makeup pencils, and fake blood to create the illusion of carved-out eyebrows. Definitely feel free to try the look at home for your own Halloween aesthetic — but be warned that you can’t be too expressive with these brows, otherwise the scar wax might fall off.

As for the makeup removal? Sometimes, when your look is this messy, it’s easiest to use a butter knife or spatula to scrape off all of the gunk.

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These brows may not be for the faint of heart, but I can say with certainty that they are far less annoying than most of the other eyebrow trends filling up my Instagram feed.

I’m not sure what sort of Halloween costume would find this makeup tutorial useful, but I feel like anyone going as a Zombie Millennial should definitely consider incorporating this into their look.

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