The Rock revealed the inspiration for his ‘Moana’ character and hearts are melting

Disney’s Moana is a fantastic movie, and I’m not going to argue about this with you. (So, sit down.) Not only does the story contain a heartening message for young girls, it’s also funny, clever, and one of the costars is a baby pig. The film is basically an amalgam of all my favorite things.

That said, the movie is apparently even more personal and nuanced that I initially realized. According to recent tweets from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who voiced the character of Maui, the story actually mined inspiration from The Rock’s own family.

It all started when writer Anthony Oliveira noticed that Moana‘s Maui bears a striking resemblance to The Rock’s actual grandfather, Samoan professional wrestler Peter Maivia.

The Rock actually responded to Oliveira’s tweet and confirmed that his beloved late grandfather (who was colloquially known in the WWE as the “Flyin’ Hawaiian”) was part of the inspiration behind the Maui character.

The sweet detail melted Twitter’s collective heart, making people realize just how much they love Moana and its message — not to mention the fact that everyone is totally shook over Maivia’s coolness.

So, if you weren’t already celebrating Moana for its strong, female heroine, its empowering message, or its family-oriented themes, now’s your chance to backtrack and jump on board. After all, it’s rare to see a “family movie” that actually involves a real-life family.

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