Woman applies fake tan before hitting the gym, immediately regrets her life choices

Occasionally, in these hectic modern times, we’re forced to multitask in order to make it through our daily routine. Whether that means eating breakfast on the go, or taking important phone calls while you’re getting ready to go out, we’re all making those little attempts to optimize our time.

But, hear me now: in your time-saving efforts, please, do NOT make the mistake of using fake tan while working out. As one poor, branded woman can tell you, this will only end in heartache (and, let’s be real, embarrassment).

Twitter user Eve apparently thought that slathering herself with fake tan before she hit the gym was a great way to incorporate her beauty regimen into her routine. Unfortunately, thanks to the workout pants she chose, she ended up branded with an Adidas logo instead.

“That’s the last time I work out with tan on btw,” she tweeted.

Oof. That’s a rookie mistake, baby girl.

However, it turns out Eve wasn’t the only one who’s experienced this particular instance of tan-branding (tanding?).

Adidas, for the record, wasn’t terribly concerned about Eve’s plight — if anything, they were pretty amused by the free advertising.

Honestly, considering some of the horror stories I’ve read about sweating while wearing fake tan, this could have been much worse. Eve could have wound up with streaky tan lines oozing down her neck and body, or streaky smears on her arms and legs. As it is, she simply wound up looking like an inadvertent billboard.

Let this be a lesson to all of you, however: if you’re going to use fake tan, at least know the rules before you smear your body with semi-permanent brown goo.

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