This image of Dear David on a statue in Japan will make your skin crawl

Illustrator and cartoonist Adam Ellis has been plagued for several months by a ghost child who comes to him in lucid, paralyzing dreams. The ghost, known as Dear David, has left marks on Adam, terrorized his cats, shown up in pictures and moved things around Adam’s apartment. He’s even followed Adam through the neighborhood and appeared in photos from an abandoned warehouse.

Adam has regularly updated us with the random occurrences as they’ve happened, all while counting down the days until he could get a break from David during a 2 week trip to Japan.

For a while it seemed Adam was getting a much-deserved respite from his unwelcome houseguest. Though we all probably expected some Dropcam footage of Dear David pestering the cats while Adam was away.

I'm at a shrine in Tokyo so I bought a votive tablet 🙏

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What we didn’t think likely was that Adam would cross paths with some form of David on the island of Japan.

But while exploring a park in Sapporo, Adam stumbled upon a statue that made him pause.

For comparison, this is Adam’s depiction of Dear David as he has appeared to him in dreams:

dear david made an appearance during his hosts vacation in japan 2 This image of Dear David on a statue in Japan will make your skin crawl

Is it possible Adam saw a picture of the sculpture before his trip, and his subconscious registered the strange image of a child with dented head? Or are Dear David’s origins stranger than we can even imagine?

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