Grandma accidentally buys a hilariously explicit book for her grandkids, Twitter loses its damn mind

Children’s books can be inherently trite and tedious — so it honestly makes sense why someone would write a sardonic children’s book for adults. (Remember when Carrie Bradshaw tried to pitch that children’s book for adults about magical cigarettes?)

However, if it looks and seems like a children’s book, you definitely run the risk of someone actually buying it for children.

Twitter user Tiffany has a six-year-old daughter named Emmersyn, who loves to read. So, Tiffany’s mom decided to be the best grandma ever and buy her little, bookworm granddaughter some new reading material from the local Barnes & Noble.

The only problem is that this thoughtful grandma purchased the book If Animals Could Talk by Carla Butwin & Josh Cassidy — which is actually a parody of a children’s book, and filled to the brim with expletives and irreverent jokes that probably aren’t suitable for little kids.

Tiffany was totally flabbergasted and amused by her mom’s purchase — so much so, that she felt compelled to share snapshots of the book to Twitter.

Here’s a closer look:

grandma accidentally buys a hilariously explicit book for her grandkids twitter loses its damn mind 21 Grandma accidentally buys a hilariously explicit book for her grandkids, Twitter loses its damn mind

And yes — Tiffany did double-check to make sure the whole thing wasn’t some kind of practical joke.

“So I called my mom and I was like, ‘Remember that book you got Emmy, If Animals Could Talk?’ And she’s like yeah,” Tiffany told BuzzFeed. “I said, ‘Did you actually open it?’ And she said no. I started reading some of the pages to her, and she was mortified.”

That didn’t stop Tiffany from sharing more pages from the utterly amazing book with her Twitter followers, though.

Not surprisingly, Twitter was collectively crying with laughter over the unfortunate (or fortunate, rather) mix-up.

And yes, in case you were wondering, If Animals Could Talk has officially sold out on Amazon (probably as a direct result of Tiffany’s tweet).

The silver lining? This is easily the most memorable gift a kid could receive from their grandmother, and it will probably be handed down for generations to come. (Maybe.)

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