Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford cannot stop laughing during a British daytime talk show interview

Ever get into a situation where you can’t stop laughing even if you tried? That’s exactly what happened with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling in London yesterday. The struggle to keep a straight face is absolutely why we love their interview with a British daytime talk show called This Morning.

The laugh streak all began when the host admitted that she had never seen the original Blade Runner film. Her honesty sparked uncontrollable giggles throughout the entire time and we’re loving it.

The situation got even better after Ryan reached for the whiskey because it had definitely turned into that kind of interview. His reasoning for grabbing the glass was, “because I just feel like that is where this is headed.” And Ryan was right.

Is this giving anyone else Déjà vu? Last weekend Ryan Gosling hosted SNL and had multiple scenes where he couldn’t stop laughing. So if you missed the crowd favorite skit, here is.

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