Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford cannot stop laughing in this interview and I’ve watched it three times

Watching celebrities crack up on camera is one of those simple delights that never fails to brighten anyone’s day. If you’ve ever watched blooper reels from your favorite show or movie, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. On a bad day, I can watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ outtakes from Seinfeld ad nauseum.

Perhaps it’s simply heartening to know that beautiful people can also flub their lines and look foolish, just like the rest of us. Or maybe it’s just the fact that laughter is, as the cliche goes, contagious.

Either way, put some giggling famous people in front of me and I’m 100% sold.

Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford recently appeared on British talkshow This Morning with Phillip & Holly to talk about the upcoming Blade Runner movie. However, this particular British TV show has a history of not sticking to a strict script, and the hosts are frequently known for cracking up (as they did when interviewing a couple who claimed to have the ability to orgasm for 18 hours straight).

Surprisingly enough, the This Morning interview with Ford and Gosling was no exception. The two actors could barely hold it together during the interview, and at one point Gosling had to actually step off-camera to collect himself.

Considering Harrison Ford isn’t renowned for being a great interviewee (read: he often comes across as a stubborn jerk), this clip is particularly delightful to watch.

Also, someone please give Alison Hammond her own talkshow, because she is obviously the true star of this segment.

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