This woman woke up to find three bears in her car, so remember that things could always be worse

Has today been a little disappointing? Are you feeling stressed about work or your social life? Is it taking people forever to respond to your texts? Are you experiencing a general malaise regarding life and your upward momentum.

Well, cheer up, because things could always be worse. You could have three wild bears living in your car.

Liddy Breeden was traveling in Lake City, Colorado when she awoke to find that her car doors were open. When she peered inside, Liddy found that there was a mother bear chilling in her vehicle, accompanied by her two cubs. Liddy had been planning on driving back to Texas, and packed her car the night before with enough food for the long trip.

Apparently, the food was enough to cause the bears to take a special interest in her vehicle (making for an inverse telling of the Goldilocks story).

(A quick aside: I’m truly perturbed about bears being able to open car doors, and didn’t really know that this was a possibility. Clearly, I underestimated them in the same way that everyone in Jurassic Park underestimated velociraptors.)

“I pretty much panicked,” Liddy Breeden told 9News Denver about first seeing the bears. “They sat on all my stuff, so everything smelled really bad.”

Which is an understandable thought, albeit one that would perhaps be further down on my list of concerns in this scenario. Let’s not forget that mother bears are notoriously protective of their young and are known to attack people who get too close to their cubs. It seems like some smelly luggage is an acceptable casualty when finding three wild animals in your car.

The bears eventually scampered off once they had finished off the food (they apparently weren’t down for a Texas road trip). Liddy adds that she definitely learned her lesson about keeping food in the car — and locking the doors.

So, yeah. Just be thankful that your morning commute today was (probably) bear-free.

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