A pumpkin spice air freshener sent five people to the hospital, and I TOLD you all this pumpkin spice thing would be the end of us

Everyone jokes about the pumpkin spice fad, and how basic the whole obsession is, but there may be actual danger involved in this seasonal fragrance devotion.

According to local news reports, it seems that the pumpkin spice scent has officially pivoted from its innocuous, comforting role to a new, more antagonistic one. Specifically: it has taken the form of air fresheners that will actually make you sick.

According to ABC News, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Baltimore, Maryland was evacuated Thursday afternoon due to complaints of a strange and unidentifiable smell permeating the school. Several people reported they were having difficulty breathing. Two kids and three adults were sent to the hospital due to “stomach ailments.”

When a Hazmat team finally arrived, per the request of the fire department, they investigated and found the culprit on the third floor of the school building: a pumpkin spice aerosol air freshener, plugged into an outlet.

Yes. A pumpkin spice air freshener straight-up sent a handful of people to the hospital. I’m not sure how, but it did. Was it turned up too high? Was it on the fritz? Was it a rancid batch of artificial fragrance? We don’t have the details, but somehow, this scent went out of control and took over an entire building.

And that’s not even the end of it. As the Baltimore Sun reports:

Classes at the high school resumed Friday. A statement posted to the school’s website noted that a counselor would be available to talk with students about the event.

Yes. Students were very likely emotionally scarred by this pumpkin spice abomination, so much so that they might need counseling.

Twitter is collectively not surprised that pumpkin spice has gained sentience and turned against us.

So, yeah. I know it’s Fall and whatnot, but maybe take a chill pill on the pumpkins spice vibes, everybody. It’s making people vomit.

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