Kit Harington finally talked about his butt in THAT ‘Game of Thrones’ scene

This past season of Game of Thrones occasionally made television critics and fans alike grumble about the show’s far-fetched timetables and heavily-orchestrated plot-twists. But, there’s one thing detail from this season that none of us can complain about: the presentation of Jon Snow’s impossibly perfect butt.

The world was allowed to fully appreciate Jon Snow’s (i.e., Kit Harington’s) impressive cheeks during the season finale, in which Jon and Daenerys finally consummate their drawn-out courtship (much to Tyrion’s apparent disapproval).

NSFW images ahead, you guys.

Following the episode, the internet collectively clutched its pearls over Harington’s impressively-sculpted derriere.

How does such a pristine butt come to be? Well, Harington finally addressed the secret to his A-list ass during an interview on The Jonathan Ross Show.

Apparently, it all comes down to doing “lots of squats.” As Harington told Jonathan Ross, “If you’re getting your bum out in front of 60 million people, you do your homework.”

As for the immense attention Kit’s rear has received, he says he doesn’t mind. “Is it weird that we’ve all enjoyed your buttocks?” Ross asked. “Not really no, I’ll get them out for anyone,” Kit replied. (Thanks Kit, logging that helpful information away for future use!)

And, of course, the question you probably couldn’t help but ask yourself: did Kit shave or wax his rump before the shoot? Nope! As it turns out, Kit claims to have “a naturally hairless bum!”

So, now you know everything there is to know about Kit Harington’s (and, by proxy, Jon Snow’s) sweet tush. You can finally sleep peacefully at night!

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