This young nephew is already so smooth at writing apology notes, I’m cackling

Apologizing in person doesn’t always come easy, even when you’re a fairly humble individual. Perhaps that’s why, as children, we often feel more comfortable expressing regret on paper than face-to-face (thereby avoiding confrontation altogether).

However, while apology notes are sweet gestures, they don’t always hit their mark.

Entrepreneur and photographer Geoff Hamanishi recently had a bit of a spat with his little nephew. And, as kids are wont to do, Geoff’s nephew decided to make a hilarious attempt at apologizing by crafting a hand-written note.

Geoff tweeted out pictures of the notes left in his room, which read “You still love me right,” with the multiple choice options “Yes” and “Little yes.” (The “No” was conspicuously crossed out.)

Ladies and gentlemen, this kid is already a genius in the ways of currying favor. This kid somehow insisted on his uncle’s forgiveness without ever actually apologizing. I’m truly impressed. This kid is going to be a player for sure.

Not surprisingly, Twitter was collectively cheering for Geoff’s nephew and his expert apology.

I feel like such shrewd note-writing abilities should probably qualify for automatic forgiveness — and judging from Geoff’s original tweet, it was hard for him to stay mad when faced with such a silly display of penance.

Also, “Little yes” is my new response to all future “Yes or No” questions.

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