Genius tried to mansplain ‘Indiana Jones’ costumes … to the woman who designed the ‘Indiana Jones’ costumes

Another day on the internet, another guy who thinks his amateur expertise is enough to correct a female professional in her chosen field!

Screenwriter Max Landis recently shared a Facebook screenshot between an online know-it-all and his mom, Deborah Landis (whose professional name is Deborah Nadoolman). The post involved a Jeopardy! question about Indiana Jones, and the anonymous guy tried to point out why the phrasing of the question was incorrect.

However, Deborah showed up to school this fool because guess what: she was the actual costume designer on Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, so she damn well knows which movie inspired the costuming.

“Stanley, you have got to be kidding,” is the phrase that should be uttered by female experts everywhere when men try to explain their jobs to them.

Deborah got plenty of love from her son’s Twitter followers, who thought her response was golden.

But, of course — a post about mansplaining inevitably leads to MORE MANSPLAINING.

Seriously, Stanleys? You have got to be kidding me.

It would seem that some people believe it is their inherent right to brandish their opinion as the unquestionable truth, regardless of evidence to the contrary  — as evidenced by one Twitter user’s screenshot of a guy mansplaining birth to her.

Just a little helpful suggestion for men everywhere: if you don’t like the term “mansplaining,” maybe you should just STOP DOING IT and drive the term to extinction?

I don’t know about you, but it seems like a solid plan to me.

“Mansplaining,” by definition, is a phenomenon which never targets men. Therefore, men are not experts on what it feels like to experience mansplaining. Because men do not experience it firsthand, they believe it does not exist. However, if you find yourself getting uppity at the term, I would simply like to remind you: just because you haven’t experienced something firsthand does not mean it doesn’t exist.

Now, everybody get off the internet and go outside or something.

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