These extreme close-ups of ingrown hair removal are the most satisfying thing you’ve seen all day

When people start casually talking about “those pimple popping videos” I instantly perk up. “Is there one I haven’t seen yet? Send it to me!” I shout in the general direction of my coworkers, friends, and family. My request is usually met with a certain unavoidable face of disgust. But like a bad habit I keep going back for more. It’s an addiction I don’t plan on giving up any time soon, and no one will make me feel bad about it.

If you find yourself curious inching towards a pimple-popping video rabbit hole, but just can’t fully break into the anything more than your typical whitehead pop, the anonymous person behind the @tweezist Instagram account has a gateway drug for you.

Full disclosure: There’s still a healthy amount of poking, prodding, and digging into the epidermis. But don’t worry. It’s all done in a relatively gentle manner, and in SUPER UP-CLOSE-AND-PERSONAL video.

Try a couple of my faves from @tweezist and see if you need a cold shower afterwards.

This gnarly gaping armpit pore

A field of beard ingrowns

How about a 1-2 punch

This x-tra thicc follicle

A deep pull

giphy These extreme close ups of ingrown hair removal are the most satisfying thing youve seen all day


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