This cake actually has edible, poppable pimples, and I’m horrified

Popping pimples is an undeniably addictive activity (for some people, anyway). There’s just something about squeezing a pus-ball out of your pores that feels strangely satisfying.

But, just because you enjoy pimple-popping in the comfort of your own bathroom, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to celebrate the act — or, say, devote an entire cake to it.

The Cakescape, a delightful bakery in Malaysia, has recently been making waves for one of its unique and unorthodox cake design: an acne-ridden woman whose face is covered in edible, poppable zits.

The pimples are apparently made with custard and hardened chocolate — and yes, in case you were skeptical, these creamy pimples can be popped. (Ew.)

Just take a look at the cake’s edible epidermis in action:

It’s gross. It’s bizarre. I am horrified, and yet I cannot look away.

Considering the immense popularity of the Dr. Pimple Popper videos, I suppose it’s really not that surprising that customers might have an interest in popping some zits before they tuck into a slice of cake. The fact that the zits are edible is simply the gross cherry on top! (Ugh, I’m sorry.)

While this particular (and admittedly hilarious) cake design is rather ingenious (and takes the concept of playing with your food to a whole new level), The Cakescape does offer more conventional cakes for those customers who aren’t keen on eating a confection dotted with fake pus.

I think I’m going to keep gazing at photos of these beautiful cakes for a while. I feel like I need something to scrub my mind clean, after looking at all those oozing little pustules.


And for everyone who wants to have their pimples and eat them too — well, more power to you.

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