Trolls are asking Ashley Graham why she even bothers working out, and she’s not here for it

We all know and love body-positive model Ashley Graham — not simply for her killer curves, but for her boldness and candidness when it comes to speaking her own truth and voicing her opinions. And make no mistake, when the trolls come for Ashley’s Instagram feed, she is always ready to take them down.

Graham occasionally posts videos of her workouts to Instagram, as a way to encourage her followers and fans to stay active (as well as giving them some insight into her daily life).

Gettin that 🍑 right with @christine_grubbs💪🏽 #sundaymorning #curvyfit

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However, this is the internet, so people have managed to find reasons to be critical of Graham’s exercising.

Some previous comments on Graham’s workout videos have veered into somewhat negative and downright insulting territory. Surprisingly, many people (fans and trolls alike) are critical of the fact that Graham exercises. According to Scary Mommy, here’s what some of the commenters are saying:

  • “…As the current token ‘curvy’ model, she has an opportunity to educate young girls and others as to the importance of healthy eating… not just indulge in carbs bc you don’t have to fit into the sample sizes.”
  • “Nice …but I thought she was happy with her body… I’m glad she’s working out.”
  • “Working out like she does, she won’t be plus size for long. She works hard.”
  • “It takes quite a few reps to work off that pasta and pizza you shared on Instagram.”
  • “You’ll never be skinny, so stop trying.”


Seriously! What a gross outlook on the world. It’s perverse to believe that plus-sized women shouldn’t work out, regardless of your reasoning. Just because a woman is exercising, that doesn’t mean she’s trying to lose weight — and it certainly doesn’t mean that she’s trying to please you.

I know it might be a shocking concept to grasp, but a woman can exercise without hating her body.

Graham chose to respond to these invasive comments with a helpful little Instagram “slideshow”:

Swipe It➡️

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Haters need not apply, because Ashley Graham is definitely not going to the gym for their benefit.

screen shot 2017 10 11 at 12 24 24 pm Trolls are asking Ashley Graham why she even bothers working out, and shes not here for it

So, perhaps everyone can stop criticizing a woman for staying active and living her best life? Maybe it’s time for the trolls to hit the gym themselves — sounds like they’re seriously lacking some endorphins.

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