Mark Ruffalo accidentally leaked footage from the ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ premiere and Twitter thinks it’s hilarious

When Thor: Ragnarok premiered on Tuesday night, the guest list was extremely exclusive, so that all the details about the upcoming Marvel movie would remain secret until the official release date on November 2.

However, thanks to one adorably befuddled Mark Ruffalo, the opening 10 minutes of the movie aren’t such a secret anymore.

Mark attempted to take an Instagram Live from the Thor premiere as a little treat for all the Avengers fans out there β€” but, bless his heart, he forgot to turn off the Instagram Live feature when he went into the theatre. This resulted in 2,000 fans getting a 10-minute audio-only preview of the beginning of Thor: Ragnarok.


Viewers couldn’t believe what was happening, and it took everyone a few minutes to realize that they were accidentally getting a sneak-preview.

Twitter was utterly charmed by Mark’s negligence β€” although everyone was slightly worried that he might be in deep shit with Marvel as a result of this “leak.”

I think we can all agree that Mark’s “Oh shit!” moment is delightful, though.

Aw. Hopefully Mark’s two kids can teach him a thing or two about Instagram’s more intricate features. Otherwise, this may become a new trend. My only hope is that this debacle hasn’t discouraged Mark from doing any future livestreams, because I need more of his childlike enthusiasm in my life.

Obviously, leaking footage from a tight-lipped movie premiere is a huge no-no in Hollywood β€” but, then again, Mark is an integral part of one of the largest money-making franchises in movie history. I have a feeling he’s going to be just fine.

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