These 18 shower thoughts will shake your mind

Thank you, Redditors, for messing with our heads.

1. Smiling is kind of spooky.

When you smile you are showing as much of your skeleton as possible without injuring yourself. – Sir_Battlebrow

2. What product do bald guys use?

Do bald people use shampoo or soap on their heads? – WalterLopes

3. This will change your perspective.

Isn’t “head over heels” the normal condition? – slbain9000

4. And all of the sudden you’re limping.

You never feel a part of your body till the part has something happen to it – 53v3r41

5. So who is the cell phone champion?

Someone has to hold the record for having the same cell phone number the longest – by B7U12EYE

6. What does your face really look like?

You’ve never seen your real face — only pictures and reflections. – Yazeedmakh

7. We’re are an interesting breed.

The human body can create life, but it can’t easily get rid of a freaking eyelash when it gets stuck in your eye. – Quezare

8. Thank you, for reminding me of my age.

If you’re over 30, you were alive before every dog in the world. – PessimisticSnake

9. Which phrase do you prefer?

A synonym for dad bod is father figure – acidicdecay

10. * N S Y N C will forever be my own advertisement.

Hanging posters in your bedroom is like advertising something you already love to yourself – sleeptrouble

11. You rely on your seat more than you think.

Every time you sit down, it’s a trust fall with the chair. – electricrockets

12. Do you sound the way you thought you did?

Have you ever wondered what people think you look like when they have only heard your voice over the phone? – xconicx

13. It’s ironic, really.

Humans cut down bird’s houses to make bird’s houses. SamuB162

14. Life must be nice.

Celebrities have so much money and they get everything for free – rhfox16

15. Another dwarf, anyone?

Snow White would be way funnier with an eighth dwarf named Drunky who just rambled incoherently all the time – Buscemi_D_Sanji

16. True story, bro.

People play board games when they are bored. – Xenu2016

17. Not all New Year’s resolutions work out.

There must be so many unused “before” photos from failed diet attempts. – hermokong

18. Dreams coming true are not always something you want to happen.

There is no better feeling than when you wake up from a bad dream and realize it wasn’t real. – codman2991

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