This mom’s robot dance is easily the best way to make breast pumping more delightful

For many working moms, breast pumping is simply a tedious reality — however, that doesn’t mean you can’t find joy in the daily task.

Eden Grinshpan, renowned New York chef and host of Top Chef Canada, gave birth to her daughter Ayv in April. Eden recently purchased a hands-free breast pump, and decided to use the opportunity to have a little bit of fun.

Eden’s husband filmed her doing this amazing “breast pump dance,” and everyone on Instagram was utterly delighted.

Monday MOOD.😜🍼 Let’s do the #pumpdance #momlife #pumplife 📹- @glamourismylife

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Eden says that, when given the choice, she prefers to breastfeed. She tells Cosmopolitan, “Breastfeeding has become the best part of my day, because it’s my quiet moment with my child while she’s happy and eating.” However, Eden’s busy schedule doesn’t always allow for breastfeeding — hence, the pump.

“I put the pump on one night at dinner, and it started making these loud rhythmic noises,” Grinshpan says about the video’s conception. “Without realizing it, I started dancing to the beat of the noises, and my husband Ido started laughing at me.”

“I got so into dancing that I spilled a little milk, but it was worth it.”

Eden says that being a mom is such a strange and wonderful experience, that it’s important to make the most of these unusual moments — and sometimes that means having your own little dance party.

“If you’re a working mom and you’re breastfeeding, this is your life,” she adds. “Motherhood is full of such bizarre weird things you have to do all the time, you have to just go with it and have fun.”

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