Good lord, this cut-out cat-eye look will make you the most gruesome Halloween diva ever

Halloween is the perfect excuse to go all-out with grisly special effect makeup. A brief perusal through Instagram around this time of year is enough to bring up some truly horrifying makeup transformations that could easily haunt your nightmares.

However, for those of you who like to look frightening but want to limit the amount of emotional duress you inflict on other people, don’t fret your creepy little heads: there is now a perfect semi-graphic makeup trend to satisfy your needs.

Makeup artist Rebekka Theenart has kickstarted a new, creepy beauty trend that’s sure to serve you well during the Halloween season: the cut-out cat-eye. The idea with this eye makeup is to create the illusion that a segment of your skin has been sliced of in the shape of cat-eye eyeliner.

The results are equal parts glamorous and horrifying.

Although you really have to give credit where credit is due to the amazing makeup skills required to create such a  realistic and gory beauty look. Apparently, Rebekka used Mehron Makeup synwax, spirit gum and fake blood to create the sinister cat-eye.

This unusual makeup trend has inspired other Instagram makeup artists to attempt their own gruesome eyeliner looks, with similarly bloody outcomes.

Agh! It just looks so … painful!

You’ll definitely be the hit of the Halloween party with this makeup trick up your sleeve — but just know that people will probably cringe every time they look at you. (Which, in this case, you should consider to be a compliment.)

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