This girl’s hilarious attempt to decorate for fall didn’t go over so well

Many people adapt to cold weather changes by adding some cozy fall touches around your living space. Plus, there are certain “basic” autumn items people shouldn’t be afraid to fall in love over, like candles. And candlelit decorations not only smell amazing (usually) but will also set the mood (if you know what I’m saying).

Although storing seasonal items is a smart way to not break the bank, there’s particular products that shouldn’t go in the attic, unless you live somewhere really, really cold — like Antartica.

So when a woman named Ashley shared what happened when she put her candle in the attic, we had to share.

We’re absolutely loving this fall fail because anyone could’ve made this mistake. Ashley took to Instagram to share this hilarious incident and captioned it with:

“Ever wonder what happens to candles in the attic over the summer?#fallfail#canisalvagethis”

This is amazing. It could probably work for Halloween, right? We salute her effort but our hearts hurt from laughing.

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