This husband’s hilarious pumpkin spice dude-oir photoshoot will get you in the mood … for fall, that is

The dude-oir photoshoot trend has certainly been done to death — but that doesn’t mean that, with the right props and the right theming, it can’t continue to be hilarious.

In fact one man’s recent, pumpkin-skewed photoshoot has manage to reinvigorate the trend, all while celebrating the arrival of fall. And yes, before you even ask: there is definitely a shot of him seductively holding a pumpkin over his crotch.

It all began when Gayla Thompson, of GT Photography, asked her husband to pose for a very special autumnal, boudoir photoshoot. Her partner obliged, because he is clearly a very dedicated and loving husband, and proceeded to strip down to his skivvies and pose seductively with pumpkins in the middle of a field.

You may never look at pumpkins the same way after this.

Some of the shots were fairly innocent.

Others, however, were just a straight-up gourd-orgy.

Posing seductively with a pumpkin is kind of difficult, especially while holding a beer — but he makes it look so easy! How does he do that?

I think we can all agree that this particular shot is the winner, though. Flirty and creative!

So, now you know what to do with any extra pumpkins you might have lying around. You’re welcome.

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