17 married people shared the most outrageous requests made by wedding guests

Some guests oddly forget that the weddings they’re invited to aren’t about them.  It’s really a strange yet popular theme for guests to not be able to grasp the social awareness side of just being a polite human.

Well, your jaw is about to drop, all thanks to a bunch of married people from Reddit. From beyond persistent family members to interesting guests who didn’t learn marriage mannerisms, here’s some wildly obnoxious things people have tried to change from the bride and groom’s initial plans.

1. Cogwork‘s mother-in-law needs to back off

My MIL tried to manipulate my wife into letting the MIL’S boyfriend walking my wife down the aisle instead of her father

2. rustyshackleford8 wasn’t having it

My aunt expected us to delay the ceremony until my cousin arrived, since he had been at work.

Uh no.

3. rastascoo’s story takes the cake (pun intended)

While my Wife and I were taking pictures with guest and some were still getting their meal my grandmother cut our wedding cake and began serving it. We never even saw what it looked like.

4. Speaking of cake, noah_970‘s got another fun one

My wedding, drunk fucker of a coworker swiped his finger through our wedding cake for a taste before we even cut it.

5. Here’s what dameon5‘s future parents had to say

My wife’s parents refused to pay for anything if we didn’t hold our wedding at their church. We said fine, we would pay for it ourselves.

They then tried to dictate that we could not serve alcohol or have dancing at the reception. Which they weren’t paying for. We told them they didn’t have to attend if it was a problem for them.

6. picksandchooses needs new couple friends

A couple showed up at the reception too late for the dinner, it was already over, so they went into the restaurant of the hotel and charged their meals to the wedding party.

7. Louis_Farizee‘s great aunt DGAF

My great aunt called my bride and asked her to come pick her up from the airport… four hours before the wedding.

Taxis are a thing, Aunt Pearl!

8. To CheapskateJerry‘s point, never call the bride or groom on their day

It was the handful of guests who couldn’t be bothered to retain the address and directions that were provided to them several times via US mail, email, and internet link. And, who finally, when all that failed, needed to text me repeatedly to get clarifications on the directions instead of just using fucking Google.

You know how busy a person is on their wedding day? I had more important things to do than answer texts about which exit to take.

9. halibot‘s mother-in-law thinks the event is about her

Mother In Law asked us if we could reschedule our wedding closer to step brother’s so she could come into town once for both. Our date was booked a year previously during the time of the request.

10. Immaridel didn’t take the bribe

Was offered a few thousand dollars to not get married to the girl. Been married 13 years, and in hindsight I should have taken the money and then married her anyway. Damn morals.

11. ObiWanCanubi encountered an awkward situation

My mother-in-law wanted to wear a white gown down the isle. Insisted. Denied.

Then complained the wedding didnt focus on her enough.

12. Good thing sbashe5‘s photographer knew what to do

One of the bridesmaids brought her fiancé to the wedding, and wanted our photographer to do an impromptu engagement photo shoot. Photographer laughed in her face.

13. One aunt was persistent with diggiesmallz

My wife’s Aunt asked if she could bring her dog. In a stroller. When we said no, she promised he wouldn’t be trouble. We said no again. She decided not to come.

14. latenightnerd‘s wasn’t very welcomed into his new family

MIL wouldn’t let me be in photos with her side of the family because I wasn’t “real family”, even though I just married their daughter.

15. Assholecasserole2‘s guest was hungrier than he needed to be

We had a guest who said he did not need a plus one, so we didn’t plan one for him. When we received his rsvp he requested 2 meals, so we figured he was bringing a date, NBD. Nope, he actually wanted 2 for himself. At $150 a plate

16. anymanfitness didn’t invite this guy

My mom’s cousin (my first cousin once removed, apparently) asked my mother if she could invite her house guest to our wedding.

Her “house guest” was a drug addict that my mom’s cousin and her husband were trying to rehabilitate. They wanted the addict to come to the wedding because they didn’t trust him alone in their house.

So yeah. My mom correctly said, “no”.

17. At least ZedBone‘s wife was on his side

My sister-in-law showed up the night before the wedding and tried to redecorate. She said the decorations were trashy and that she didn’t like the caterers or the location. She actually tried to convince my wife and I to fake a break up so that she could replan the entire wedding.

I eventually had to throw her out of the wedding party and my wife asked her not to come to the wedding. To this day it’s still a source of contention between myself and my in-laws.

The wife is on my side though, so I’ve got that going for me.

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