Here’s Sarah Paulson freaking TF out in an ‘American Horror Story’ haunted house

Sarah Paulson might be the mainstay on American Horror Story, but that doesn’t mean she’s a big fan of real-life horror experiences.

Paulson recently visited the American Horror Story maze at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights as part of Ellen Degeneres’ annual Halloween tradition — and let’s just say that Paulson wasn’t too keen on revisiting her old AHS storylines in the flesh.

Paulson entered the haunted maze with Ellen executive producer Andy Lassner, and immediately asked “How far into it does it start?”

“It never starts right at the beginning,” Lassner replied.

This theory was immediately disproven when a bloody pig-man jumped out of the shadows, scaring the ever-loving sh*t out of both Paulson and Lassner.

Video From: Ellen’s Show Me More Show on YouTube

For the record, Paulson’s reaction to being surprised by horrific creatures is always delightful, as she prefers to scream statements such as “I don’t like you!” and “You’re not real!” at the actors.

At one point, after falling to the ground in surprise, Paulson breathlessly declares that “this is so f*cked up … this is the worst f*cking thing.” (Which, for the record, is occasionally how I feel after watching American Horror Story promos, so I guess the shoe’s on the other foot now, huh, Sarah?)

I won’t spoil the ending for you — but I will say that the moment Andy and Sarah are rejoicing about their horror experience being over, the haunted maze still manages to … surprise them.

Bottom line: Sarah Paulson is a Halloween treasure, and I’m so happy she agreed to do this. (Even though she’s clearly never agreeing to do it ever again.)

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