20 painfully funny tweets about traveling, in case you forgot the worst part of the holidays

The weeks leading up to the holidays (that is post-Halloween, and pre-Thanksgiving/Hannukah/Christmas) are filled with a special kind of electricity that fills the air. The days get shorter, the boots get taller, and the complaining about how soon we see holiday decorations and commercials starts earlier.

If you’re an out-of-towner, going home for the holidays is filled with the excitement of seeing family and friends, sharing meals together and making the most out of the short time you get to see them. But the one unfortunate realization about holiday travel that we tend to forget about usually hits just as you get en route and realize, “Oh fuck, everyone else is going somewhere too.” So, in an effort to help you (a) plan for traffic jams, (b) remember to check-in early, and (c) keep your cool at the security line, here are a couple of relatable AF tweets that will set your expectations for traveling, sooner rather than right before you leave.

1. Doing battle for the armrest. 

2. Those FML “emergency landings” and “mechanical failures.” 

3. Praying you won’t have to become this mom. 

4. That security line that may as well be a line for Star Tours at Disneyland. 

5. Trying to get some shuteye on your early am flight. 

6. When you sign up for flight text alerts and actually get one, it’s always bad news. 

7. Forgetting to leave room in your luggage for the gifts. 

8. Sitting on the tarmac until a lane opens up. 

9. Fighting for space in the overhead bins. 

10. People who Bogart the terminal seats. 

11. Remembering that you left your travel Xanax in your other carry on. 

12. That cheaper 7am flight sounded like a better idea at the time

13. People who bring their misbehaving pets, usually cats. 

14. The first time your kids are in the car for more than 30 minutes. 

15. Mouthbreathers. Mouthbreathers everywhere. 

16. Narrator: He would, in fact, fly again.

17. Giving up your personal space, and sense of smell. 

18. The added expense of flying with kids older than 2. 

19. Those people who jump up into the aisle seconds after the Fasten Seatbelt light turns off. 

20. Just … unpacking. 

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