Kate Hudson figured out a hilariously effective (and devious) way to keep her kids from eating too much Halloween candy

It’s always bittersweet when Halloween season finally comes to a close. The creepy cobwebs are taken down, the painstakingly-crafted costumes are put away (or thrown away, depending on how sentimental you are), and your scary movie intake decreases considerably.

And then … there’s the leftover candy.

While some people manage to pawn off their excess candy on other poor/fortunate souls, some of us are left with entire buckets of assorted, fun-sized candy bars and are consequently forced to reckon with our lack of self-restraint. How do you keep a bowl of candy in the house without devouring the entire thing??

Well, Kate Hudson seems to have found the solution.

Kate recently posted a video clip of her kids and their friends trying to (unsuccessfully) snag some Halloween candy from the communal candy bowl. In a very shrewd parental move, Kate decided to have a creepy, automated scarecrow stand guard over the sweets.

“Figured out how to keep the kids from eating too much Halloween candy,” Kate wrote in her Instagram caption.

Not surprisingly, the spooky, motion-triggered decoration lunged forward as soon as the kids tried to grab some of the candy — and the spectacle definitely resulted in some screaming, freaked out young’uns.

It’s certainly a pretty devilish prank to play on your children, but hey, how else are parents supposed to get their entertainment?

Also, you can’t deny that the creepy scarecrow is definitely doing his job. I’m convinced that I should probably put one in front of my freezer for when I get those insatiable ice cream cravings at three in the morning …

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