5 reasons to say “Hell Yeah!” this week

TGIF! The weekend is finally here, thank god. After yet another seemingly endless workweek, I could not be more excited to binge Netflix in bed with my dog and a nice glass of wine. Before the relaxation begins though, let’s take a look back at some of the positive news that reached our desks this week.

Happy Friday!

1. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s family Halloween costumes

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It’s pretty typical for me to fantasize about somehow being adopted by Chrissy Teigen and John Legend and subsequently hanging out in their beautiful house full of cookbook recipes and bulldogs dressed as bellhops. I mean, if we can’t hold on to our dreams, how are we supposed to live?

However, Teigen and Legend’s family Halloween costumes this year have officially raised my FOMO to previously unheard of levels.


2. Kristen Bell talking about how she and Dax Shepard keep things ‘spicy’ in their marriage

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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have been going strong for 10 years — which, considering the fact that they’re both celebrities, is basically more like 30 years. Their union is a cultural touchstone and a source of inspiration for those of us who just want a weird, loving partnership.

E! News recently interviewed Bell at the premiere for A Bad Moms Christmasto gauge how these two manage to keep their marriage exciting and fulfilling.


3. Sarah Hyland’s savage response to plastic surgery rumors

Though the celebrity lifestyle may seem glamorous at times, living in the public eye can certainly have its downsides. It’s no secret that many A-listers become the object of judgmental speculation and rumor spreading.

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland recently experienced this when a magazine insinuated that she had received numerous plastic surgery operations. Fortunately, Hyland had no issue shutting down the fake news and we are slow clapping.


4. Kate Hudson’s hilarious trick that keeps her kids from eating too much candy

While some people manage to pawn off their excess candy on other poor/fortunate souls, some of us are left with entire buckets of assorted, fun-sized candy bars and are consequently forced to reckon with our lack of self-restraint. How do you keep a bowl of candy in the house withoutdevouring the entire thing??

Well, Kate Hudson seems to have found the solution.


5. This professor’s story about realizing he was in love

Some professors during your college career will be largely unremarkable and ultimately forgettable. Others will remain in your memory purely based on whether or not they had an impact on your emotional life.

One Ohio professor is clearly doing his job in this regard, as one of his recent personal stories about love has successfully melted the hearts of cynics everywhere.


It’s the freakin’ weekend!

5 reasons to say hell yeah this week 3 5 reasons to say Hell Yeah! this week

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