This jogging stroller is perfect for every parent on the run

Blocking off a period to workout can be rough. And if you’re a parent, finding the time is even more complicated, until now.

For moms and dads who love to run, it’s easier than ever to involve your baby or toddler in your workout. An untraditional jogging stroller is throwing normalcy out of the window and adding fun into your everyday.

Introducing the Jogalong Stroller

This product is designed to bring families together while incorporating a healthy lifestyle. People are also calling this an elliptical trainer “because the stroller’s arms are connected (like an elliptical), when you push on one arm the other arm moves in the opposite direction.”

Here’s how you get the stroller arm:

“Even though the handles are moving in motion with your natural arm swing, you are continually pushing forward on both handles and generating a forward force on the stroller.” –

So this is basically an elliptical minus the hundreds of pounds of machinery, plus your super cute kid.

While many models of jogging strollers have popped up over the years, the latest versions include ease of use and safety, both for the runner and the rider.

Plus this is a solid way to feel less strapped for time, multitasking fitness with a fun kid’s ride.

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