Ryan Reynolds couldn’t help but troll Blake Lively over her new ‘makeover’

Blake Lively, categorically beautiful human being, talented actress and wife of Ryan Reynolds, must officially be hankering for an Oscar nomination. You know how I know? Because she’s received the notoriously effective Gritty Make-Under™ for her upcoming movie role.

Lively was spotted filming her upcoming spy-thriller movie Rhythm Section in Dublin recently, and it doesn’t take a genius to notice a few drastic changes in Lively’s appearance.

In the film, Lively apparently plays a woman who vows to get revenge when her family is killed in a suspicious plane crash, and subsequently adopts the identity of an assassin to track down those responsible. The movie is based on a four-part book series, written by British thriller writer Mark Burnell.

Her style in the movie is decidedly low-key, though — complete with multiple baggy layers and a knit cap. (Always a sign of Serious Acting ahead.)

Reynolds, who is never one to miss the opportunity to tease his wife, posted a shot of Lively’s new look to his Instagram feed, alongside the caption “#Nofilter.”


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Okay, so a spy-thriller movie probably isn’t going to get an Oscar nod — but I’m proud of Lively for adopting the look, anyway. And, considering there are three more books in the series, there’s a decent chance we’ll be getting more of grungy Blake in the future.

Just know this, Blake: you’re on the right track. Just some slightly deeper eye bags and sunken cheeks and you could very well have a golden statuette in your hand before you know it!

And, in the meantime,  I’m sure Ryan will be there to keep you humble (by trolling you).

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