Sia had a straight-up iconic response when she heard someone was trying to sell nude photos of her

We all know and love Sia: musical goddess, collector of face-obscuring wigs, and the genius who gave us Shia LeBeouf in a music video. But now, we have even more reason to admire this mysterious songstress, thanks to her no-nonsense approach when it comes to paparazzi trolls.

Recently, Sia got wind of the fact that someone was attempting to sell naked photos of her (which, it should be noted, had been taken without her permission). Rather than taking legal action, Sia decided to hit the invasive photographer where it hurt: the wallet.

Sia released one of the costly nudes on her Twitter feed, telling fans, “Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans. Save your money, here it is for free. Everyday is Christmas!”

Aw, Sia, this present is already unwrapped!

Naturally, Twitter fans were appreciative of such generosity, and felt compelled to kneel before their queen.

Also, people couldn’t help but get a little bit thirsty over Sia’s bootay, which was proudly on display in the photo.

While it’s unclear what’s going to happen with the remaining photos in question (the photographer claims to have 14 “un-blurred” snapshots), it seems fairly obvious that Sia isn’t terribly concerned about these naked photos getting out to the public. If anything, she seems much more preoccupied with making sure that her face stays obscured.

Because being naked may be scandalous, but being off-brand is just downright disgraceful.

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