Chris Evans filmed his dog ‘singing’ to a stuffed animal, and it’s so damn pure that Twitter is weeping

I’ve often suspected that Chris Evans is just as noble and pure-hearted as the Captain America he portrays in Marvel movies — and thus far, none of his actions have proven me wrong.

On Tuesday, Chris Evans shared a video clip of his dog, Dodger, playing with the pup’s beloved stuffed lion. As Chris wrote in the caption, “This is Dodger’s stuffed lion. He loves it. He brings it everywhere. If you press its paw, it sings. Today, Dodger decided to join in.”

What followed was a heartbreakingly pure segment of Dodger attempting to accompany his lion pal in song.

Okay, it’s official: this is definitive evidence that dogs are too beautiful for this world, and we are undeserving of their blessed presence.

Twitter was collectively unprepared for such a sweet video, and the cuteness prompted fountains of emotions.

I think we’re all probably feeling a lot of feelings right now — but allow me to drop another emotional bombshell:

It should be noted that the most important detail from this entire thing is the fact that A.) there is obviously a female laugh present in the background of this video, B.) according to my vocal recognition skills, it is probably Jenny Slate, and C.) that can only mean that Jenny Slate and Chris Evans ARE BACK TOGETHER.

chris evans filmed his dog singing to a stuffed animal and its so damn pure that twitter is weeping 1 Chris Evans filmed his dog singing to a stuffed animal, and its so damn pure that Twitter is weeping

For the record, Twitter agrees with me.

Wow. A singing dog and a rekindled celebrity romance?

Who knew this video good contain so much goodness? I certainly didn’t.

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