Taylor Swift just used two fake magazine covers to throw some major side-eye, and fans are loving the pettiness

On Friday, Taylor Swift finally releases her much-anticipated new album, Reputation. And, since Taylor Swift refuses to be anything other than extra, there are also going to be some special “accoutrements” accompanying the release of the album.

Specifically: two Taylor Swift magazines will be available via Target starting on Friday. The magazines will be full of photos, lyrics, and behind-the-scenes information about the making of the album.

Oh — and did I mention that they’ll also be full of shade?

Taylor Swift gave Twitter fans a sneak peak of the back covers from the magazines, and people could tell immediately that these fake magazines covers look … pretty familiar.

It didn’t take long for Taylor stans to deduce that Tay-Tay was using these fake magazine covers to make some digs at publications such as Us Weekly and OK!, both of which have issued unflattering Taylor Swift coverage in the past.

Taylor aped specific covers from the publications, mocking the headlines. In one instance, she clearly references the Us Weekly cover about her supposed “pregnancy” with the headline “Who Is Olivia’s Real Father?” (In case you didn’t know, Olivia is one of her cats.)

Fans were 100% here for the Taylor saltiness.

While this is an admittedly excellent usage of parody, there’s something kind of unsettling about Taylor taking out full-page spreads to cast aspersions on media outlets. In this particular political climate, there’s something almost Trumpian about fostering a distrust of publications (however dubious their reputations might be). Not to mention all of her new song lyrics about people “taking her crown” and “overthrowing her throne.”

I give these fake magazines an A+ for creativity — but perhaps Taylor should dial down the blatant self-preservation a notch before she starts sounding like a spurned dictator who’s fallen from power. Right now, hearing that kind of messaging from a pop star is way too off-putting.

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