This fool learned the hard way why you should never question Chrissy Teigen’s cooking skills

Look: it’s one of the understood rules of Twitter that you don’t mess with Chrissy Teigen.

In addition to commanding over 8.4 million supportive Twitter followers, Chrissy is also known for mercilessly dragging pretty much anyone who tries to throw some social media shade at her. If Chrissy comes for you on Twitter, you should probably delete your account and change your name, because there’s no way you’re living that sh*t down.

However, it’s obvious that one of her self-professed “fans” didn’t get the memo, because he recently tried to stir up trouble by suggesting that Teigen (who has authored the cookbook Cravings) cannot cook.

On her own damn timeline, no less!

The whole debacle began when Chrissy sent out a tweet declaring that she was not on board with the new 280 character limit on Twitter.

For some reason, a random dude thought this was the perfect opportunity to insult Chrissy’s cooking skills. (Which is baffling, because I fail to see how the two subjects are even remotely related?)

This guy must not have been much of a fan, though, considering he didn’t account for Chrissy’s hive of voracious supporters β€” many of whom were all too willing to take his ass to task.

The guy clearly didn’t get the message, though, and proceeded to boast about his own culinary accomplishments. (*Eye roll*)

At this point, Chrissy herself took notice and immediately reminded the amateur chef to shut his damn mouth.

Not surprisingly, most people were on Chrissy’s side.

However, this cooking expert may have gotten the last laugh, after all. His comments caused Chrissy to do what she said she would never do: retweet a 280-character tweet.


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