Twitter is sharing its positive celebrity stories to remind people that not everything is terrible

The past few months have been … well, an ever-unraveling sh*tshow, to say the least.

Men in power have been accused of heinous and unacceptable sexual acts, and several of those men were once idolized by an adoring public audience. It’s a difficult time for those fans who are coming to terms with the realities behind their idols — but, more importantly, it’s an incredibly difficult time for the victims, who were forced to display their past traumas for all the world to see in order to be believed.

As necessary as these public allegations are, they leave the public questioning who can actually be trusted. While this question does not have a tidy answer, there are some who are attempting to remind everyone that not every famous person working in the entertainment industry is a predatory assh*le.

Twitter user BAKOAN recently asked their timeline to share some positive celebrity stories as an antidote to the recent barrage of garbage being unearthed about famous men.

Because everyone could use a bit of cheering up, Twitter was all too happy to chime in and respond.

Even Mara Wilson (AKA Matilda and an author, AKA a celebrity in her own right) offered up some stories.

It’s strangely touching to see these small moments of kindness and be reminded that, perhaps, there may still be some people worth believing in out there.

For now, at least.

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