These women are using nakedness and glitter to make a powerful statement about body image

Learning to accept your body is a lifelong journey which is fraught with complications and insecurities. From size, to shape, to stretch marks, to cellulite, there is always some facet of our physical being that makes us feel tender or vulnerable.

While this struggle is a perpetual reality for everyone, there are groups which still adamantly believe that acceptance and body-positivity is possible for women everywhere. The Positively Glittered project on Instagram is one of these groups, and they’re working to help women feel pride in their bodies through empowering nude photographs — and lots of glitter.

The Positively Glittered mission is simple: all participating women are invited to get naked, cover their bodies in thick layers of glitter, and pose for bold and sexy photographs.

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Australian founder Roseanna Mae says that the glitter is a beautiful way to encourage the women to feel more confident in their own skin.

“We cover ourselves in glitter because glitter is so striking, beautiful, and really gets the girls wanting to be involved,” she tells Mashable. “It is a way to be naked, without being entirely naked.”

“Some of us enjoy being naked and all glittered up with friends because its a way of bringing up our sisters and helping each other to see the beauty in all of us.”

“Some girls have body image issues, and this is such a fantastic way to aid in the journey of accepting yourself,” Mae adds. “Others have personal trauma that the glitter is a step in the direction of feeling comfortable in themselves again.”

Currently, the Positively Glittered Instagram page has over 3,800 followers. Considering the project has only been live since the middle of October, it’s pretty evident that people are supportive of the concept — although a few photos have inevitably been reported for “inappropriateness” and were subsequently removed.

However, the response has been largely positive, even if the subject matter is a bit risqué.

Mae adds that the glitter project is simply meant to “enhance” the female body, and to show women that “no matter your size, shape, body type, ethnicity, weight, you are beautiful.”

As someone who struggles with body image on a daily basis, I have to say that the idea of covering my skin in glitter does sound like it could be uniquely empowering and liberating.

And if women can feel like sparkly unicorns while simultaneously combatting body-shaming, then so much the better.

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