This “Head Case” luggage cover will make everyone at baggage claim envy you

Nowadays, everyone’s suitcase looks exactly the same, which can be a living nightmare if you checked your bag at the airport.

So naturally, most people try to make their average-looking luggage stand out by attempting the exact same ribbon strategy everyone else is trying. All while anxiously hoping you chose a unique ribbon color that tied tight enough to the exterior of your bag. I know, exhausting right?

Which is why there’s something great about knowing you’ll never have to do the ribbon technique again, thanks to the guys over at FIREBOX. They developed a way for your suitcase to not only stand out from the crowd but also get people laughing while your luggage makes its way down the conveyor belt.

You can now slip this durable case cover over your bag, which can be personalized with you or your friend’s face. Seriously, this product is brilliant for anyone who can handle a little awkward humor.

And really though, what better way to gift your favorite head case friend, their very own Head Case?

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