Jenna Dewan Tatum’s Instagram is the only hair inspo you need

If Channing Tatum has his picture taken, you better believe I’ve seen it. And as his biggest fan, I naturally began following his wife Jenna Dewan Tatum in hopes of seeing some BTS photos. But instead of the sneak peeks into Channing’s life I hoped for, what I actually got was a girl crush on Jenna.  Now I find myself on her feed more than his…

Jenna can do no wrong on Instagram because she’s a magical unicorn with perfect hair. Long, short, dyed, curled, straight and everything in between, the girl is #HAIRGOALS all day long. If you’re a hair stylist, I’m sure you’re dying to touch those locks. As for me, I just want the same look. I’m guilty of screenshotting her Insta snaps to show my hairdresser. And guess what? You can do the same. Jenna’s entire feed is a hair look book for every female out there. Let her set you up for your next salon visit.

1. That one time Jenna rocked the most popular hair cut of the last year.

#tbt to gorgeous Malibu with @brianbowensmith

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2. That one time Jenna made the everyday hair look better than the everyday hair.

3. That one time Jenna added brown highlights to lighten up her life.

4. That one time Jenna gave Ariana Grande a run for her money with this high pony.

5. That one time Jenna looked sexy with her hair pushed back.

6. That one time Jenna went to the beach and let the sea salt do take over hair.

#tbt to the beach, sun, sand and margaritas since the cold weather is finally here in Cali ☀️🌮

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7. That one time Jenna made a low pony look so goddess like.

8. That one time Jenna straightened her own hair.

9. That one time Jenna achieved beachy waves without going to the beach.

10. That one time Jenna rocked a middle part that puts all middle parts to shame.

11. That one time Jenna had the perfect wedding look up-do.

Thank you team for pulling this girl together tonight..and thank you to @red for an always inspiring night!

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12. That one time Jenna got extensions that look so real that you’re like “Is that real?”


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13. That one time Jenna looked like a VS model with bombshell waves.

Whoa here's a #tbt I just came upon w/ the lovely @randallslavin. I was breastfeeding can you tell? 😜

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…and this was just within the last year.

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