This woman’s breakup tweet is so amazingly petty, it gives me chills

My life is typically free of conflict, for better or worse. My most dramatic problems literally involve my boyfriend forgetting to take his acid reflux medication. (I promise I’m 26, not 56.) As such, I frequently live vicariously through the dramatic happenings in other peoples’ lives. (What can I say? I’m only human, and I don’t watch reality television.)

And, as we all know, there’s no better place to sit back and sip on some drama than everyone’s favorite website,

Recently, a Twitter user named Miranda dumped her date after he allegedly called her “disgusting” — a move which seems pretty reasonable (given, admittedly, zero of the facts).

However, Miranda took things a step further when she tweeted this deliciously petty jab about “dropping” 200 lbs.

pettyaf21 This womans breakup tweet is so amazingly petty, it gives me chills


I am shaken to my core. It really takes some brass ovaries to be this brazenly savage.

Twitter collectively applauded Miranda for dropping a dude who dared to disrespect her worth.

Some thirsty bros even tried to shoot their shot.

However, there was also some significant drama in the Twitter comments — specifically, some Twitter users who were close to the situation and felt the need to side with Miranda’s (former) date.

Naturally, Twitter sat up and took notice. (Because we are terrible people and we all live for this messiness.)

Judging from the comments, Miranda’s date apparently called her drunken behavior “disgusting,” as opposed to actually calling her disgusting.

However … the verdict’s still out on whether or not that distinction really make that much of a difference. (I suppose it’s marginally better, but still kind of a rude move.)

I don’t know, y’all — I don’t have all the facts, and there is very likely more to this story than initially meets the eye.

Regardless, the most important point remains: If you’re dating Miranda and you don’t treat her like royalty, I guarantee she’s about to drag your ass on Twitter.

Also, for the record, if y’all don’t want me analyzing your drama, you should probably stop blasting it all over my timeline.

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