Wait, why was this ‘Titanic’ deleted scene left out of the movie?

Most of us are aware of the fact that an alternate ending exists for the 1997 film Titanic, and that said ending is so laughably bad that its inclusion would have completely changed the legacy of the movie. (If you’d like to relive your disbelief by watching it again, by all means be my guest.) However, I doubt many of us realized that there were even more discarded scenes from this ’90s cornerstone.

BuzzFeed‘s Chris Peña recently pointed out that there is a significant chunk of Rose’s rescue that has been edited from the final film — and its inclusion could have been pretty emotionally effective.

The scene shows Rose boarding the Carpathia (the rescue ship), and ultimately choosing to hide from both Cal and (it is presumed) her mother.

The scene also features Mr. Ismay walking through the throngs of survivors, all of whom are staring daggers (since, you know, the sinking was partially his fault — not that any of them would actually know this). It’s the film’s only instance of emotional retribution for the upperclass men responsible for the disaster.

(Also, we get to see that Cal’s “adopted” little girl survived! And she seems to be in the arms of someone who actually cares about her well-being!)

I have no idea why this segment was cut. If anything, it adds to the visceral experience of the survivors’ trauma, and shows us that, even among the living, there are irreparable wounds.

But, if cutting this scene also encouraged them to scrap that terrible ending, then I guess it was a worthwhile sacrifice.

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