8 relatable beauty fails for anyone who has royally F’d up their eyeliner before

Applying eyeliner is no walk in the park. In fact, it’s normally a shaky experience that ends with a lot of cue tips and makeup remover. Mastering this technique takes a certain kind of confidence, a steady hand and years of practice — but more importantly, it takes patience. Which can easily end in a beauty catastrophe, especially if you’re slightly intoxicated.

Needless to say, most of you reading this have F’d up your eyeliner one time or another because perfection isn’t in the cards for being human. Which is why we’re loving on the people who shared classic eyeliner mistakes, after all that hard work.

1. When you try so hard

2. When you sneeze

3. When you get frustrated

4. When it’s a Monday

5. When you think you’re finished but then touch your eyes

6. “When your left eye wants to be difficult”

Whenever your left eye wants to be difficult😒 • • • #makeup #makeuptragedy #eyeliner #eyelinerfail #nojustno

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7. When your inner child takes over

8. When you apply right after coffee

Don't try to put on eyeliner right after coffee 😂#caffeine #coffee #eyelinerfail #imamessinthemorning #fail

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