These skimpy Amazonian ‘Justice League’ costumes are stirring up controversy on Twitter

The release date for Zack Snyder’s Justice League is nigh, and, considering that the movie features Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman (who is responsible for the highest grossing superhero movie of all time, YASS QUEEN), the film stands to hold its own at the box office this weekend.

However, some of the creative choices featured in Justice League are rubbing Wonder Woman fans the wrong way, and could very well alienate the movie’s girl-power demographic.

In Patty Jenkins’ now legendary Wonder Woman, the Amazon warriors wore pragmatic armor to suit their legendary combat skills. In Justice League, however, the Amazons received a decidedly skimpier costume update.

Not surprisingly, many fans are pretty displeased about the new Amazonian outfits, and feel like it’s a decidedly sexist move on the part of Zack Snyder and his production.

Even Jessica Chastain weighed in, declaring her disdain for the impractical outfits.

While there are many who will view this costume change as a harmless upgrade to the DC Universe (and one which may even accurately reflect the comics), it’s important to acknowledge that release and success of Wonder Woman should have informed the Justice League production β€” particularly considering the fact that Wonder WomanΒ is the prequel, and began production five months before Justice League. If there were any unilateral aesthetic decisions to be made regarding Amazons, that duty should have fallen to the Wonder Woman crew. Instead, the Justice League producers simply decided to take what they’d been given and essentially throw it out the window for something which they believed might appeal to their (more male) audience.

For many producers, these decisions are motivated by money, i.e., what will titillate and sell tickets. But (as I’m all too happy to remind everybody), Wonder Woman‘s whopping financial success should have made the message loud and clear: things that appeal to and empower women DO SELL. Women BUY TICKETS. And choosing to strip down their badass female heroes and put them in leather bikinis isn’t good business sense anymore β€” it’s just good, old-fashioned sexism.

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