Do these small things to keep the romance alive when you’re busy AF

So you’ve finally found a good one and can say you are in a steady relationship. But the timing couldn’t be more off because you two have crazy busy schedules.

It’s not the time that’s the issue, it’s you.

As individuals, we try living life to its fullest. You’re constantly on-the-go between work and spending time with your friends and family. But trust me, somewhere in there you can also fit in your SO. If you start to look at your SO as being just as important as everything else in your life, you’ll find a time slot in your schedule to write their name down. Date nights are cliche but they can be a ton of fun if you go into it with a positive mind. Whether it’s going out to dinner or talking on the phone, change your mind-set and ask your SO what time works for them. They’re as much of a priority as your gyno appointment so don’t even think about cancelling.

Show love everyday, in the simplest of ways

You can start by asking your SO what romance means to them.

A full on date night can take up a lot of time. So if you’re just too busy to schedule one, use what free time you have to meet up and connect. By asking your SO what romance is to them, you can learn about the things they enjoy doing. When you’re both able to do those things together, that’s romance! And it doesn’t have to be things that require planning. They may like lounging around on Tuesdays and watching their favorite TV show. Wouldn’t it be romantic if you could spare an hour to join them? If they love surprise visits, pop in for a couple of minutes and sneak in a kiss. It’s all about creating experiences and staying connected. Luckily for you, there’re so many options and all you have to do is learn what works mutually.

But how can you remember all of your partner’s little likes and desires?

I’m very guilty of forgetting the small things people tell me about themselves. It’s not that I want to, but my mind just goes *poof*. What I’ve found is that if there are things I think I should remember, I jot them down in my phone notes app. It seems a bit silly but my list has come in handy around Christmas time. Find what works for you because remembering the little things shows you care about your SO and what they’re into. If you’ve been dating your SO for awhile and randomly mention that one thing they couldn’t stop talking about on the first date, your SO will feel more excited about further pursuing the relationship. Vice versa, if they know the little things about you (ie. a love for orchids), you can expect they’ll treat you to something nice as well.

Spontaneous dancing and romancing

Anyone can court anyone.

Things become a routine when you get comfortable in a relationship. Your SO becomes so understanding of your routine that they don’t want to disrupt what they think is going so well. But the excitement is fading and you two aren’t aware. You should definitely steer away from the routine and spice it up. Sparing just a minute to give your SO some attention will make all the difference. Give them a call or make them a card. Whatever it is, it’ll show your SO that they’re still desirable.

Filling our new home with fun

But the most important thing to keep the romance alive is to make some sacrifices.

It’s very easy to give up on a relationship when your mind feels stressed out about all the things going on in your life. But the most successful relationships are the ones where two love birds find a way to overcome that type of stress. Take a moment to think about your SO rather than yourself. Cut out a part of your individual life in order to make time for you both. You can save time by cooking dinner or working out together. If they’re the one, your SO will help you find a way to balance out your individual life in a way that they can be a part of it too. Not only will they be appreciative of this sacrifice, but it will enhance the relationship you two currently have.

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