This woman created a foolproof Hallmark Christmas Movie drinking game, so I know what my weekend looks like

Hallmark movies are always a special and unique brand of so-bad-it’s-good-ness, and their Christmas movie collection is no exception. Pretty much every Hallmark holiday movie sounds like the plot of a paperback that you would buy at the airport. And, honestly? That’s what makes them so endlessly fascinating.

That said, if you’re going to endure multiple Hallmark movies, then you’d better make sure you have at least one drink in your hand (though a booze progressive dinner-type situation is probably preferable). Fortunately, one ingenious woman has created an all-encompassing Hallmark drinking game to make the holiday movie-watching experience even more raucous — I mean, “jolly.”

Facebook user (and apparent Hallmark fanatic) Brittany Graves recently concocted her own drinking game to accompany the onslaught of Hallmark Christmas movies. Her drinking game’s genius is largely due to the fact that it can accompany pretty much any holiday Hallmark film, from The Sweetest Christmas to Switched for Christmas.

Some of the best rules include, but are not limited to, having to take a drink when:

  • “The main character’s name (is) related to Christmas (ex. Holly, Nick, Chris, etc).”
  • “‘Near-miss’ kiss x2.” (This is honestly one of my least-favorite movie tropes.)
  • “Magic deal with Santa or Angel.”
  • “Obvious product advertisement x2”

Also, having to finish your drink when the “cynic is filled with the Christmas spirit” is pretty much genius, because at that point you’re rolling your eyes so hard that you probably need a fill-up.

Many thanks to Brittany for this novel new way to enjoy cheesy Christmas movies. I think I speak for everyone when I say that a lot of us just figured out what we’re doing tonight.

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