Call this woman a cosplay queen because her Disney princess recreations look amazing IRL

If you’ve ever wanted to dress up as a princess, look no further than lily_on_the_moon.

Known to the cosplay community as such, Ophélie Veret is a makeup artist based in Paris. Let me just take a moment to preach how amazing she is. She not only does her own makeup, but also her own hair and makes her own outfits. Her looks are so identical to the animated characters that you can’t even tell them apart.

She is using talents to recreate looks for festivals and posts the pictures on Instagram to inspire woman to be who they want to be. I am all for it because her looks are magical.

1. Here’s her Ariel look.

2. And here’s her Elsa look.

Thanks a lot for 25K !! 💙❄️ Welcome to newcomers in my colorful life ! 😄 As I keep saying to my friends, I feel so grateful to have you. You are always very nice and kind to me. Always a lovely word, encouragement and support ! 😍 To thank you today, I was supposed to only try my Elsa wig that I just finished to style, but I thought a whole makeup test with the costume would be a lovely way to celebrate 🎉💕 Mesh top is from @angelsecretofficial , the rest is made by me 😊 #elsa #elsafrozen #elsacosplay #frozen #frozencostume #frozencosplay #cosplay #cosplayers #cosplaying #cosplaygirl #cosplaymakeup #cosplayselfie #selfie #selfies #selfiesunday #disney #disneycosplay #queen #icequeen #arendelle

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3. These are her Rapunzel looks.

4. And these are her Cinderella looks.

5. Here’s her Belle look.

6. Here’s her Aurora look.

7. And here’s all the other looks she can do.

Looks like I’ll be DIY-ing my Halloween costumes for the next 10 years. Got a look you want to try out?

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