These unreleased ‘Harry Potter’ cover designs will give you goosebumps

The Harry Potter movie and book covers have changed quite a bit over the years, each time the new one more magical then the last.

Back in 2015, Potterhead and illustrator Olly Moss was called upon by Rowling’s website Pottermore to create covers for the big e-book series release. Unfortunately his art never made it to the front cover, and Olly’s talent was unseen. Well Olly finally got permission to release his art and we are thrilled.

Olly recently released the multiple sets of breathtakingly amazing covers and the illustrations will give you chills.

He created each set as a series. “They asked for one sketch for one book but I really, really, really wanted to win it,” he tweeted.

The first set, which he previously released photos of last year, is naturally dubbed “Hogwarts.”

The second set, the only one of the series sent in for the digital release, is dubbed “Optical Illusions.” (1).jpg

The third set, featuring iconic figures from the story, is dubbed “Heraldry.”

The last set, featuring Harry Potter aging, is dubbed “Silhouettes.”

Clearly Olly never finished “Silhouettes,” but he would happily do so if Pottermore would release the prints officially. I’ll even line up to buy some.

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