Cole Sprouse hilariously insulted himself (and his penis) on Twitter

For reasons that are utterly inexplicable, Cole Sprouse (of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody fame) has an excellent Twitter account. His highly entertaining tweets are persistently self-deprecating and self-aware, and honestly, he sounds far too well-adjusted for someone who’s been in the spotlight since childhood.

One of Cole’s favorite online pastimes is habitually roasting himself — and, as he proved with one recent tweet, he’s not afraid to hit himself where it hurts.

On Sunday, Cole made a casual observation about how the now-infamous Etsy Minion apparel is the closest thing men get to lingerie.

Cole’s Riverdale costar and rumored girlfriend, Lili Reinhart, responded by facetiously asking if he owned one of the aforementioned Minion thongs.

Without missing a beat, Cole replied that the crocheted thong was far to spacious for his equipment.

Twitter did a collective double-take at Cole willingly roasting himself (and his manhood) in a public forum.

Perhaps Cole simply subscribes to the philosophy of making fun of yourself before someone else does.

This interaction successfully stoked the persistent rumors of Lili and Cole’s involvement, considering the flirtatious and sexy nature of their repartee. After all, discussing penis length (however, um, modest) is a decidedly intimate conversation.

But, considering Sprouse’s penchant for sarcasm, we probably won’t be getting the bald-faced truth about his love life anytime soon.

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