Dear David’s belongings are literally dropping from a creepy crawlspace and nothing makes sense anymore

The hair-raising saga of Dear David is a story the internet won’t loosen it’s grasp on anytime soon. Adam Ellis’ multi-part Twitter posts tell the story of a ghost child that has been plaguing him since August, and David doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Before Thanksgiving, Adam noticed an entry in the ceiling of his apartment building hallway. The space opens directly above his stairs in a raised ceiling, so there wasn’t any way to access it without a very tall ladder, or a long pole. Adam ordered a pole from Amazon, and waited patiently for it to arrive so that he could investigate the space, and the noises he heard coming from it.

Since then, Adam has giving us a post-holiday update, and what he found is enough to give your goosebumps their own goosebumps.


The last place I would want this crap is inside my home. But hey, maybe he didn’t watch a lot of Are You Afraid of the Dark? or read the Goosebumps series as a kid. On that note, I have a couple of questions:

  1. Where does one get a very old shoe?
  2. Where does one get a very old marble?

You may or may not recall, but Adam’s very first thread included several dreams in which David first appeared. In one such dream he was told he could ask David two questions – but if he asked a third, David would kill him.

And David has been manifesting in more ways than just dreams ever since. Add the creepy old shoe, a marble from another time period, and the hint of a pre-child labor law death, and you’ve got the makings of a story that could go on for several more chapters before we have a resolution.

If we were to guess where this could go from here, it would be that Adam start asking around to see if his old apartment used to be something else. He knows there’s a warehouse in his neighborhood, so his whole block could have been a business district before it was updated to housing at some point. Could David been a child worker who suffered some kind of tragic end no one knew about? What if his body was never discovered, and his spirit has been wandering around in the crawl space for a hundred years, attempting to make contact with someone from the other side?

Or it could all be a very elaborate Twitter hoax-turned Ted Talk in the years to come.

Either way, we’re all entertained here, so what’s the harm in following Adam on this rollercoaster?

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