Drake getting caught on the jumbotron pouring Perrier into a cup is the meme that keeps on giving

Drake went to the Toronto Raptors game last night and would have had a perfect night if it wasn’t for that dang Perrier can.

When you get called to the principals office… @champagnepapi | #WeTheNorth

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Thanks to the Raptors Social Media Manager, we get a view of Drake pouring himself a cup of pink grapefruit Perrier. Unfortunately the timing just wasn’t right because something triggered him to be caught off-guard. Is he feeling awkward? Is he feeling confused? Is he feeling happy?

He’s feeling it all and it made for a great viral video. The Raptors started the thread by posting a meme caption. Fans quickly jumped on board because apparently these are the faces you make in many situations.

This one’s all too relatable at the bar.

Some fans didn’t care to make a meme but they had to share their thoughts on his drink of choice.

The Perrier moment threw him so off that he then awkwardly struggled interviewing a player post-game. Drake is truly the gift that keeps giving.

Dear Perrier. You’re welcome. Love Drake.

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