Lady Gaga just did the thirst-trappiest bikini photoshoot on the beach, and I was not prepared

We all know that Lady Gaga is a musical visionary, who has always used her fame as a platform to speak out about social issues that are important to her. And, best of all, she’s also an unabashedly sexual being who knows that a intelligence and sexiness are not mutually exclusive qualities. (Her naked photoshoot with former fiancé, Taylor Kinney, was pretty emblematic of this belief.) She definitely doesn’t shy away from showing some skin or celebrating her body.

Of course, the public has still felt entitled to comment on Gaga’s figure at every available opportunity — most notably, after this year’s halftime Super Bowl show, when people made insensitive remarks about her stomach “flab.”

Fortunately for all of us, Gaga recently decided to blissfully ignore this negging and bless everyone with an impromptu bikini photoshoot on the beach that basically says, “Eat your heart out, haters.”

Let’s just say: I was not prepared for this Lady Gaga hotness.

Oh, did you want to see Gaga’s “peach”? Because she’s more than happy to oblige.

Call me Princess Peach 🍑 #ladygaga #JoanneWorldTourMiami

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Truly cannot handle this enviable underboob.

#joanneworldtour #ladygaga

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So, to everyone who feels inclined to criticize Lady Gaga’s body, this stands as a pretty clear message: you basically don’t exist, because this bitch is straight-up living her best life in a silver metal bikini.

Also — sorry you’re missing out, Taylor Kinney.

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