It is a travesty that this ‘Mean Girls’ deleted scene wasn’t included in the final movie

In any film production process, there are bound to be a few scenes that end up on the cutting room floor (so to speak). It’s inevitable, really: with the time constraints and the necessary story arcs to consider, some scenes are just better left on the DVD extras menu. (Side note, remember when people still watched DVDs?)

However, some deleted scenes seem so necessary that it’s baffling in retrospect to see that they were left out of the final film. Take, for example, several deleted scenes from Mean Girls, which seem so important to the movie that their exclusion is utterly unjust.

As Mean Girl stans know, there is a montage sequence in the film which shows Cady, Damien and Janis making unsuccessful attempts to undermine Regina George’s popularity.

One deleted scene shows Damien sabotaging a lunch table (um, hello, random handyman skills) so that Regina will spill food all over herself. However, of course, the plan goes awry when lovable dope Karen accidentally takes Regina’s seat.

First off: the scene is hilarious, because Karen spilling food on herself is undeniably funny. Second: as BuzzFeed‘s Chris Peña points out, the scene is important because “Regina is still miserable to her ‘friends,’ and Cady still has a conscience, as she genuinely felt bad Karen was the one with food all over her.”

This isn’t the only deleted scene which seems important to the movie’s overall structure, however. There’s also a deleted scene where Regina confronts Cady in the bathroom. Considering the two don’t actually get any face-to-face closure in the final movie, I’m personally extremely frustrated that this scene was removed.

Granted, Regina’s forgiveness of Cady seems totally hasty and unearned, but, at least the scene addresses the fact that these two had some unfinished business, and allows the feud come full circle.

What I’m saying is: we need a longer, director’s cut of Mean Girls, and if it’s three hours long, then so be it.

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