This little girl did an ‘interview’ with her cat, and I’m crying

It’s biologically undeniable that kids are the future.

For some people, this is a sobering and worrisome reality. However, I think these people are clearly jumping to conclusions, particularly when we have so much evidence to support the notion that kids are more creative and insightful than many adults could ever hope to be.

Just take a gander at a recent editorial project taken on by a young girl who endeavored to do an in-depth profile on one of the most fascinating figures in her life: the family cat.

It all started when @MrPaulDuane shared a snapshot of a handwritten “interview” that his daughter had apparently conducted with the family cat, Coco.

If you aren’t fluent in Kid Scribble, then allow me to transcribe the contents of the interview for you:

Me: Coco, can I rub you on the top of the head?

Coco: Absolutely!

Me: The back?

Coco: Sure. 

Me: The tummy?


Me: The legs?

Coco: NO!!!

Me: The tail?


Me: The butt?


Ladies and gentlemen, we have both true comedic brilliance and a journalistic dedication to finding the truth. (Or, at the very least, a truly bizarre remix of “My Neck, My Back.”)

As anyone who interacts with cats on a regular basis knows to be true, there are certain areas of a cat’s body that immediately send the otherwise cuddly creature into full-on Chaos Mode. These areas include the tummy and the tail — so it would seem that @MrPaulDuane’s daughter definitely did her research.

Thus far, people are loving the “interview,” and are responding to the photo with such enthusiasm that @MrPaulDuane is looking forward to telling his daughter that she’s become Internet Famous.

This girl is goin’ places, y’all.

I mean, truly: this kid should probably be given my job. She’s funnier and is clearly more dedicated to talking to cats than I am.

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